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Profile of Brandt Tilley

Brandt Tilley

Marketing Director
Business Analyst

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  • 10 years Marketing & Digital Project Management
  • 12 years Web Development in enterprise and startup environments
  • 8 years Creative Production in brand & organizational deliverables


I'm a marketing director and business analyst. I’ve built my career starting in web-development and growing through project management, brand management, marketing analyst into marcom and business development.

My experience in creative and IT roles have intersected at data visualization and KPI-focused branding.

armstaffing logo iconARMStaffing

ARMStaffing is a Travel Nurse agency, providing Nursing and Allied Health professionals across the US.

Marketing Director

  • 700% increase in leads-in-database over 3 years
  • 92% of database touched monthly through evergreen marketing
  • 1 Million emails / month
  • PPC and SEO efforts drove website to 2nd highest source of hires
  • Referrals were #1, external job-boards were #3 - 9
  • 750+/- leads per week via external job boards
  • Developed & automated customer appreciation program
  • NPS Scores 8.5 / 10 with 99% promoters over detractors.
  • 645 placements warmed through automated marketing in 2023

IT Director

  • Brought design & analytics in-house
  • Build company-wide KPI dashboards via PowerQuery + PowerBI
  • Launched GA, TagManager, Optimze, LookerStudio
  • Migrated ATS from Contingent Talent Management > LaborEdge
  • Wrote & delivered SQL, PHP, & JS for API reconfigs
  • Migrated Msoft Exchange > Msoft Office365
  • Configured policy & post-launch roll out of MFA
  • Migrated website from shared-hosting > VPS
  • Wordpress + Node.js API calls
  • Lauched whitelabel mobile-app in partnership with LaborEdge

Other Notable Projects

  • 2020 | Completed re-brand of ARMStaffing including new logo, website, brand-imagry, full redesign of digital assets, and interior fixtures
  • 2020 | Was the technical-lead when our office went remote for the first time
  • 2021 | Was promoted to Director of Marketing & Technology
  • 2022 | Lead discussion panels at SIA’s Healthcare Summit in Houston, TX
  • 2023 | Hosted webinar with SENSE HQ discussing our use of marketing automation and industry best-practices
  • Accomplished all marketing initiatives spending less than $150k annually

Awards received while at ARMS

SIA Fastest Growing Staffing Company in 2019 SIA Largest Staffing Company in 2023
Top Workplace in the Lehigh Valley in 2022 Top Workplace in the Lehigh Valley in 2023

Watch My Webinar

Sense is an Marketing-Automation tool that integrates with LaborEdge, a healthcare-staffing applicant tracking system (ATS). In 2023, I partnered with both platforms to discuss new ideas in a market that was normalizing after the pandemic.

hero image for Webinar with Sense, Brandt Tilley, Labor Edge, Allie Evans

Cigars International

Cigars International is the market-share leader in online cigar sales, carrying the world’s largest tobacco selection.

Brand Management

  • Managed all aspects of brand and sales channels, ensuring unified brand voice across mediums
  • Final reviewer on all design/print assets ‘…the Premier catalog in the industry’ VP COO, Ashton Cigar 2019

Team Management

  • Developed Google Suite tools/resources to strengthen collaboration across team members
  • Started “Innovation Meetings” using Creative Problem-Solving methods (de Bono Methods)

Budget Management

  • Responsible for yearly budget growth and communicating status to President & C-suite
  • Developed demand-planning algorithms for strong sales forecasts and success-tracking


  • Web Steering: Identified areas for development and allocation of IT resources
  • Web Testing: Used Multi-variant methods to enhance sales conversion
  • Omni Channel Customer Experience: SWOT analyze post-first-sale consumer paths

Abbott logoAbbott

St. Jude Medical (acquired by Abbott Q1 2017) seeks to treat some of the world’s most costly epidemic diseases

Project Manager

  • Oversaw and published the digital launch of 5+ biomedical devices between Q1 and Q3 2017 (US, Global)
  • Managed 3 global portfolios (Cardiac Arrhythmias, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Heart Failure)
  • Managed 80 projects (20 active) average, across 6 teams ~50 colleagues / external contractors
  • Set timelines and process routes cross departmentally and enforced them with traffic team
  • 100% product launch deadlines met by product approval dates

Digital Producer

  • Curated and produced FDA and TUV (Europe, Africa, Middle East) certified web content
  • Collaborated with Analytics teams to determine SEO page rank success and campaign effectiveness
  • Managed brand consistency between Content Strategist, Ext. Writers, Creative, and Marketing
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